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StickARs connects the real world with the digital world through social communication, augmented reality technologies, and geolocational experiences.

About StickARs

The StickARs™ app (which is being built by Upcoming Media Inc.) mission is to provide the highest quality tools and services for augmented reality (AR) and interactive print. We are passionately dedicated to providing the best service, customer support, and insight in the industry, and believe AR has the power to effect change in the way people discover and interact with useful information.
StickARs™ gives you the ability to create exciting, interactive experiences by “sticking” augmented reality onto your physical environment and interacting directly with it through many different mobile devices. Users will soon be able to pick from different sponsored AR Pages, AR Packs, AR Places, and AR Faces, plus start their own augmented reality collection for FREE.
 Our innovative outlook is to focus on constant research and develop to produce the best creative branded experiences for advertising, gaming, real estate, and more. We’ve been focusing on the world of augmented reality development for years and our StickARs™ app is almost ready!


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